How to Add a Favicon to a Static Website?

A while ago I’ve written a post of How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Blog? But this time it is different. I want to add a favicon to a static website – meaning a website which only uses html. How can I do that? The follow steps are what I’ve followed and created mine. See it in this static website: Weight Loss With Green Tea. What do you think?

Favicon Captured

  • First make  sure you have an image ready in your desktop.
  • If not you can follow this post to make one: Create a Favicon With Free Favicon Generators Online.
  • You have to save the image as favicon.ico format.
  • You probably have to download favicon.ico image to your desktop and unzip it.
  • Then login to your web hosting cpanel.
  • Upload the favicon.ico to your website directory. Mine looks like this:
    Make sure you change your domainname to be your real domain name.
  • Once you’ve done that. Open your index.html file and add the follow code between <header> and </header>
    <link rel="shortcut icon"
    type="image/x-icon" />

    Make sure you change your domainname to be your real domain name.

  • The final step is to save your index.html file.

Now go to check it out and see whether it works. If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, then holding Ctrl and hit R at the same time to reload your blog/website. If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, then holding Ctrl and hit F5 at the same time to refresh your blog/website. Sometimes it takes a little while for my favicon to show up the first time.

Would you like to add a favicon to your static website? Adding a favicon to a website helps to establish your website branding. Do you think so? Please leave your comment below.

Update: Note it didn’t show up when I first created it but it showed up the next day.

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A Dofollow Blog List for You?

A while ago I’ve written an article, Checking Whether A Blog is Dofollow or Nofollow? Today I am going to list some dofollow blogs here. Dofollow blogs encourage visitors to get involved with them. On the other hand, If you leave comments with a backlink to your blog on dofollow blogs, it will absolutely increase the number of links to your blog. As a result, it will greatly improve your rankings and traffic.

If you are looking for dofollow blogs to comment on, Do Follow Blog List is a site that will get you started. It allows you to find blogs that are related to your niche to comment on. However, make sure you don’t spam on them. Otherwise, your comments may be deleted.

This post is an ongoing post, meaning I will continue adding more dofollow blogs to this list. If you have a dofollow blog, you can submit it through my Contact, I will add it to the list here. Make sure you provide your dofollow blog’s title, url, and a brief description.

Would you like to comment on these dofollow blogs? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

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How to Change the Font for Your Blog?

Do you want to change the font for your blog? It is a good news that you can fulfill this without much effort. The reason I want to change mine is that it is kind of too small and the style is not really my favorite. Here are the steps that I’ve used to change this blog’s font. If you want to do the same thing, you can follow them below and change your blog’s font too:

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Click on Appearance/Typekit Fonts to go to the next page
  3. You will be asked to enter your Typekit ID
  4. If you don’t have one yet then you will be asked to sign up one; just click on the button Sign up in seconds to proceed
  5. From there click on the upper right hand side corner that says Register (assuming that you don’t have a Typekit account)
  6. Go to next page. It shows a couple of plans; just click on the button Sign Up that is at the bottom of Free plan
  7. Go to next page which you need to fill in you first name, last name, email, password, and confirm password. Your blog was already filled in (you can change this if you have a custom domain name)
  8. Tick the check box that is next to I agree to the Terms of Service.
  9. Click on the button Create my account to proceed
  10. Go to next page. Your Typekit ID is waiting there for you
  11. You can click on the button Configure WordPress to get that done automatically or
  12. You can copy your kit ID and go back to step 3 and paste it in the textfield there
  13. Click on the button Update ID>> to proceed
  14. Go back to and find your favorite fonts (you are allowed to add two fonts/per site since it is a Free plan)
  15. Not all of your fonts will be available. You can search your font by entering it in the search box.
  16. Find the one that is closed to it and click on the button +Add to Kit
  17. A window will pop up. Click on the link that says “telling us what theme you’re using”
  18. Click on the drop down arrow to find your theme and click on the button Save to save it (not all of the themes are available)
  19. On the left sidebar, tick your choices of what you want to change
  20. Make sure you hit the button Publish which is at the lower right hand side corner

The change will take a moment to be reflected on your blog. Now go to check it out and compare it to your old one.

If you don’t like it, you can always go back to, click on the button Launch Kit Editor which is at the upper right hand side corner, and delete your font there. If you like, you can find a new font to start over again.

If one day for any reason, you don’t want to have this service you can proceed to step 3, take out your typekit ID, and hit Update ID>> to save it. Your blog will be restored to its original font.

Would you like to change the font for your blog? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

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How to Make Your WordPress Blog/Website faster?

Google now takes into account a website’s loading time for search engine rankings. I am concerned about my websites’ speed. I think you should too. Some of my sites are very slow. Especially those WordPress sites. So how to make a WordPress site faster? I searched the web and learned a lot from the following websites; and my websites have already improved their speed significantly after I implemented some of these tips:

Some of the articles above mentioned about WP Super Cache plugin, but according to my research, many people prefer to install W3 Total Cache plugin instead. I installed it a couple days ago, it has already helped me speed up my sites’ speed dramatically; and I hope it can help you too.

By the way if you want to know how to configure W3 Total Cache plugin, this guide is what you need to know.

Would you like to make your WordPress blog/website faster? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below?

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Email Marketing With Free Or Paid Autoresponder?

Updated as of 10/17/2012.

If you are an online marketer, you’ll face this issue soon or later. This is the issue that many have had encountered – that includes me. I bought a program lately and tried to do email marketing. But I am standing on a fork of roads… struggling on either going for paid email autoresponders or free email autoreponders. For some people there is no problem because money is not an issue for them. But for most of us it is a big deal.

I’ve done some research through Internet, these are paid email autoresponders and free email autoresponders that I found below:

AWeber – A paid email autoresponder. However, many people seems to be happy using it. See what I mean from this forum. Its features include Send Email Newsletters, Website Sign up Forms, Collect and Manage Subscribers, Autoresponder Follow Up, HTML Email Templates, Performance Tracking, Expert Customer Support, and more…

$1 trial the first month, then $19/m $29/m $49/m $69/m $149/m Contact them
Up to 500 subscribers Up to 501 – 2,500 subscribers Up to 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers up to 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers Up to 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers 25,000+ subscribers

GetResponse – Also a paid email autoresponder. This seems to be the second choice most people like to use. Its features are similar as AWeber but its price is reasonably cheaper. Moreover, it offers Online Surveys that AWeber doesn’t have. But some people did not like the fact that GetResponse doesn’t have an opt-in confirmation. Here is its price list:

Sign up 30-day Free trial $15.00/m
$12.30 with annual discount
$20.50 with annual discount
$36.90 with annual discount
$65.00/m $53.30 with annual discount $145.00/m $118.90 with annual discount
Up to 1,000 subscribers Up to 2,500 subscribers Up to 5,000 subscribers Up to 10,000 subscribers Up to 25,000 subscribers
$250.00/m $205.00 with annual discount $450.00/m
$369.00 with annual discount
Up to 50,000 subscribers Up to 100,000 subscribers

For people who just got started, they don’t need to have fancy features as the above ones, they might have to look for alternatives. Hence the following list might be useful. Please bear in mind that free autoresponders have limitations.

  • Free Autobot – It automatically sends e-mails to everyone who requests further information from your e-mail marketing campaign, web site or blog …
  • Free Followup – Email Responders with No Ads! No scripts or software to download.
  • List Wire – FREE autoresponder and internet marketing service that meets all your email marketing and newsletter needs.
  • Mail Chimp – Free email marketing service that allows you to design, send, and track HTML email campaigns with their simple tools. It also offers paid service.

Would you like to choose a free or paid autoresponder for your email marketing? Please leave a comment below.

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