Can You Add Widgets to Blog?

My theme, Cutline, came with some widgets. I was wondering whether I can add MyBlogLog widget to my blog and I found out I can. Here is the article showing me how to do it: How to Add a MyBlogLog Widget to A Blog. I applied the same method to a social network, Technorati, and it works! Check it out on the left sidebar. Just let you know that doesn’t accept third party codes, especially for the commercial sites.

Can you add widgets to a blog? Please leave a comment below.

Update: I just found out that doesn’t accept Google Analytics service. According to FAQ in, Google Analytics code is already used by software to monitor the domains in ways that provide with useful information to benefit the service they offer; and I also can’t implement FeedBurner FeedFlare and Subscribe via Email Form (only a link) on this blog – a blog.


4 responses to “Can You Add Widgets to Blog?

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  2. You have a very helpful web site, I am just learning about creating a blog. Thanks for your inf0

  3. I too am a newbie at this although I have my own website shop, this is my first attempt at creating a blog, Just wish I could add more widgets than there offering. How did you get the calendar?
    Best regards and good luck with your blog.

    • Just go to your blog’s Dashboard/Appearance/Widgets, then click and hold Calendar to a Widget Area. That is how easy to create a calendar for your blog. Hope it helps.

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