How to Submit Your Blog to Yahoo!?

Update: Now you can login to your blog’s dashboard. Click on Tools/Tools. From there you can put in your Yahoo’s authentication key in the text field. Make sure hit Save Changes to save it. Enjoy!

In my previous post, How to Add Google Sitemap to Blog?, I talked about how you can submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Yahoo! Site Explorer has similar service too. If you are interested, type your URL (World Wide Web address) in the text field and click on Add My Site button. This will lead you to Yahoo! Sign UP page. From there, you have two choices. If you already have a Yahoo! account, then you may just sign in; if you don’t have a Yahoo! account, then you have to sign up one here.

Once you are inside, you can see that your URL has been added. Now you have two options to authenticate your blog there:

  1. By uploading a verification file to my site or
  2. By adding a META tag to my home page.

Since you know you can’t add a META tag to your home page if you own a blog like me. That is because you don’t have privileges to access to your home page’s HTML file. Therefore you have to click on option 1. It will lead you to a dropdown list where it lists three steps that you can follow:

  1. Download an authentication key (DO NOT change the file name or content):If you have a problem with downloading the authentication key, please create a text file named y_key_82890f6bb720e757.html, and put the string 82890f6bb720e757 into the file.
  2. Upload the verification file to your site.Please upload the key file that you downloaded, or created yourself, at the root level of your site directory. The expected file path is
  3. When the file is uploaded, please click the button below to let us know that the authentication key is in place. We will authenticate your site within 24 hours.Ready to Authenticate

So now you have to login to your dashboard and create a new page from Pages/Add New. You can name whatever title you want, but make sure its permalink looks like this:; and make sure you replace yoursitename with your own site name and y_key_82890f6bb720e757.html with your own authenticate key. Finally come back to Yahoo! Site Explorer and click on the button Ready to Authenticate to authenticate your blog.

It will show you a new page telling you whether your site is authenticated or not. If it is, then congratulations! You just successfully submitted your site to Yahoo!. Make sure you check back to your Yahoo! Site Explorer regularly. It will report back to you if anything goes wrong.

Would you like to submit your blog to Yahoo!? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

Update: You can keep the new page you’ve created privately once it is authenticated. Keep in mind that you need to authenticate it again if you see failed button showing up on the status of your blog/website.


43 responses to “How to Submit Your Blog to Yahoo!?

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  3. Impressive work. I’ve just spent 30 minutes getting my blog and my personal home site authenticated on Yahoo and Google — something I’ve been struggling to do for days.

  4. Hello Bill;

    Thanks for visiting.

    Did you get through of submitting your blog and other site to Yahoo and Google? Good luck to you!

  5. The Google process worked fine. The yahoo process failed because Yahoo didn’t manage to download the verification file.

  6. Opps, should have mentioned. The verficiation page IS there. Yahoo just couldn’t find it.

  7. Yes. It worked when I first submitted to Yahoo.

    Since I kept the verification file private, I need to resubmit to Yahoo every time when it requires it again. Lately I was out of luck, I could not resubmit it to Yahoo any more. It always came back with the result of “failed”. I thought something must be wrong with my method, now I am sure it is not in my part.

  8. Yes, it’s definitely not working. I just went through the whole process a second time and it failed. I’m not sure what could be causing it to fail — any ideas?

    Also, as an aside. the pages gadget in my sidebar now looks pretty ugly with those Yahoo and Google authentication page links.

  9. OK. I’ve done some more research and it appears that Yahoo automatically indexes sites, so it seems authentification isn’t necessary.

  10. I do not believe this

  11. Bill, I hope you are right about “… it seems authentification isn’t necessary.”

    And Fornetti, it is a personal decision so it is up to you to believe it or not.

    I think submitting your blog/website to those big engines will certainly help indexing your blog/website thoroughly.

    I’ve been doing well with all my blog/website after all. Just check this blog: it started in mid April and now it has Google’s PageRank of 4 in about 4 months.

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  13. I already try but failed. In wordpress we couldn’t make [dot]html right? we just use /
    Please advise

  14. this is nice. thanks!

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  16. Thank you for the above tutorial but beside, Can you advise how to submit squidoo lens to yahoo?

  17. Nice info, so that is like google verification html code.
    Great thank yuo.

  18. Interesting article. .It’s very useful for SEO beginners….

  19. hi lanna…your authentication process worked for me.

    1. wp-admin > pages > add new
    2. named the page yahoo-site-explorer
    3. updated permalink to include authentication key provided by yahoo.
    4. marked the page private.
    5. unchecked allow comments & pingbacks.
    6. clicked update page.

    yahoo replied with your site has been authenticated.

    thanks, Justin

  20. when I try to change the URL the .html changes to -html and obviously authentication fail
    any workaround for the dot problem?

  21. Thanks, hope it worked for me.

  22. Great website and great information. You are very knowledgeable about this topic and i can’t wait until we come back and visit your website again!

  23. Great website and great information. You are very knowledgeable about this topic and i can’t wait until we come back and visit your website again!

  24. simple, easy and to-the-point.. i love your tutorials.. 🙂 thanks for the help..

  25. I wrote a paper on this in College, had i had your capability to articulate my thoughts and research, I may perhaps have received a far better grade. Wonderful Job!

  26. Hi! I’ve been following your website for several months currently. I can say that it is quite easy to understand. It is added in my bookmarks and also i will guantee that i will follow it often. Many thanks for that inputs. On top of that, my spouse and i truthfully like your style and the way you have placed the articles of your site. Would you tell the particular name of your web theme? Thanks

  27. Greetings,

    Thanks for sharing the link – but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


  28. It’s super page, I was looking for something like this

  29. Saved me time, and time is money. Or it’s at least time I can screw around doing something of my choice 🙂 Thanks for the post

  30. Hello I need to know where do you put the yahoo authentication key after you’ ve received it or get it generated. I cant seams to know what to do with it. Am using word press 3.3.1. thanks and regards.

    • Hi G Henry,
      Are you using self-hosted WordPress? My self-hosted WordPress can only be updated to WordPress 3.2.1 so I don’t know how you got WordPress 3.3.1. Am I missing something?

  31. It is word press 3.2.1 hosted in Go daddy.

    • Okay. In that case you just have to copy the META tag listed like the one below and paste it in your site’s home page (header.php):

      <META name=”y_key” content=”67edb263e98ca60c” /> (this is an example. You should have yours generated by Yahoo)

      The META tag must be within and near the beginning of the first section of the page, and before the first section.

      Hope it helps.

  32. Great tips there. I was able to pick up some clues from your tutorial which I used in submitting my blogger blog to Yahoo.

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