How to Replace Your Header Image in Blog?

The WordPress theme, Cutline, is the most downloaded theme so far. Do you know why? One reason is that it is already optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) purpose. Another reason is that it provides widgets ready functionality. I also like the way that it comes with its own header image. However I would like to replace it with my own unique image. How can you do that? Actually it is pretty easy if you are using software for your blog; all you have to do is to follow the steps below:

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on Appearance/Header
  • A new page will open; click Browse button to find your desired image (you have to have your image ready from your Personal Computer.)
  • Click Upload to upload your desired image to your
  • It will lead you to a new page where you can see your uploaded image
  • Adjust your header to the desired position and click on Crop Header. If you have already made your image’s dimension the same as the default one, then this step will be skipped.
  • Now a new page tells you that “Header Complete! Visit your site and you should see the new header now.”

That’s all. You have just successfully replaced your theme’s header image to your own and it doesn’t take that long.

Would you like to replace your header image in a blog? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

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24 responses to “How to Replace Your Header Image in Blog?

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  3. customerservicevoodoo

    Nice tips! It helps to have Customer Service from outside the box. I have found quite a bit of help from other bloggers and I appreciate it. – Brandon

  4. Hi Brandon;
    Thanks for visiting!
    Glad to hear that it helps. Feel free to browse around. You may find other tips as well.

  5. Hi, nice to know your blog. Have been searching for everywhere .


  6. Thanks for visiting! Iklan.
    Yes. As a blogger it takes a lot of time to search.
    Glad that you like my blog and find it helpful.

  7. I wish I could follow your simple steps but when I log on Dashboard, I couldn’t locate any >DesignCustom Image Header>.
    I’m currently using R755 theme-design,2.7.1 WordPress version.
    Can you help to elaborate more…
    Many thanks

  8. @Ray
    Sorry for the confusion!
    When I wrote this post, it was in an older version of WordPress, so now the version is 2.7.1, it changed a little bit. You can still find it: just login to your dashboard, click on Appearance/Customer Header, and you’ll be able to change your header image.

    • Thank you for your replied. In fact it is not your fault, as the design of the Theme of R755 are kind of different with others that offer no change of header.php, even I ftp the image to the header.
      The best it not even give us the width or height of the pixels involved. I guess I would change to other more friendly “theme” design.
      Many thanks for your efforts.

  9. @Ray
    I checked your site. Your image has the width of 760 pixels and the height of 120 pixels. Give that a try to see if it works out for you. Good luck!

  10. Thanks for the help. I just purchased a The Banner Generator ( ) to make a header graphic for my blog, but I wasn’t sure how to add it to my wordpress blog. Your directions worked beautifully.

  11. hye lanna.

    please help me with this..

    i want to add some pic put beside my blog can see my blog now. i have little extra space there right? what should i do?

    the theme name is corporate sandbox

    • I don’t know how your theme’s codes lay out to be, but theoretically it is possible to add a background image to your header. Try to add the following codes to your header section to see what happens:

      <div id="header_img">
        <img src="url to your image" width="770" height="140" alt="describe your image" />

      Make sure you save your header file before you make any change. Also make sure that you change url to your image to be your absolute image url, and change the width and the height to suit your needs.

  12. I just started with WordPress, and am happy to find your tips. Thanks for posting!

  13. great post, certainly gives food for thought.

  14. I found your article to be very helpful in adding an image to my blog header. But my site codes are not the same as in your article. Perhaps you can take a look and tell me what I need to do. Basically I would like to add an image of the nook in the header right after the t title. Thanks.

    • Your site is a self-hosted WordPress site. You can check two places to find out your site’s header image: header.php and style.css. Even you don’t have an image in your header you can add one.

  15. Hi Lana,
    I am trying to change the header in my wordpress blog (version 3.2.1)
    I am trying to follow your directions but there is no header option under appearance. I would appriciate any help I can get.

    • What theme are you using? I know some themes were not built-in this feature. In order to utilize this feature you need to find a theme that provides it. Good luck with that.

  16. All these tinny details are made with lot of background knowledge. I like it a lot.

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