Can You Edit The Footer in Blog?

Is it possible that allows us to edit the default footer in our blog? For example, if you want to add something like copyright, disclaimer, privacy policy, and etc. to the footer. According to customizing footer in Forum, there is no way we can edit our footer.

Even If you purchase the Extra CSS customization feature, you can only customize the look and feel. This is the limitation that all bloggers face since it is Free. The only way you can do whatever you want with a WordPress theme is to go with a self-hosted blog. Learn the differences between and here.

Nevertheless I found Resources – Tips, Tricks and Tools and Lorelle on WordPress are pretty useful sites for new bloggers. I often search in Google and end it up in their sites. If you are a new blogger like me, you are going to love their sites. A lot of informative tips and tricks there. They’ve never disappointed me so far.

Can you edit the footer in a blog? Do you find this post helpful? Please leave a comment below.


8 responses to “Can You Edit The Footer in Blog?

  1. hello , Dear,

    You can Edit Footer Without Purchasing any Software, If You Know How To edit Html Code.

    It’s Simple Just Edit Your File Footer.php

    Open it as .txt file, edit it & save & Upload it To its Original Place..that’s it..

  2. Hello, Sunil;

    Thank you for your comment and thank you for visiting.

    But it is not that easy like what you said because we can’t access any files within blog.

    If you are talking about the self-hosting blog/website, yes, you can edit the footer just like what you said.

  3. aarongoldbergpro

    im also having a similar issue with the new wordpress interface, as i want to install google analytics codes. can someone please tell me how to do install analytics to my wordpress without plugins? thanks.

  4. Hi,
    I am not sure what kind of software you are using for your blog. If you are using a self-hosting blog, then you can get the codes from Google Analytics account, place them in your footer.php file right above </body>, and save it. However, if you are using a blog, then I suggest you to adapt the method from this post: Can You Add a StatCounter on Your Blog? How? Hope it helps.

  5. How can I add an adsense on my wordpress so that I can earn?

  6. Yes, unfortunately you can’t change footer in blog, but it can be a challenge to remove it from self-hosted WP sites too, if theme designer encrypts the code. Smart fellas… Anyway, I had that problem today with one of my sites, but I managed to solve it using this helpful article:

    How to remove Encrypted Footer links from WordPress themes (works 99% of the time)

    Updated version (for the very unfortunate ones)

    Hope that helps 🙂

  7. If that was the case they should let the users know about this right when you pay and signup for a blog. Only after me prying on google search results is how i came to know that there’s something called as I feel cheated. When gives you more control than, why don’t they tell the users when we begin creating our blogs?

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