The Differences Between and

I own both and blogs. The differences between and are that is different. It’s a web site that provides blogs hosted free of charge. The software on is very similar but not exactly the same software you can download from It is a multi-user version of WordPress that allows many thousands of blogs to be hosted on a single web server. The free blog hosting does not come with the ability to upload plugins or themes. Because any change in the software affects every blog on the system, some of the things you can do on your own hosted WordPress blog are disabled here. Some of these features may become available in the future as paid upgrades, comparable with traditional hosting fees.

Click on the picture to enlarge – Dashboard is an open source blogging software that is freely available to anyone to download. The software must be downloaded and installed onto a computer. WordPress, being an Internet software, must be installed on a web server – that’s a computer that is setup to serve web pages over the Internet – and your personal computer probably isn’t a web server. So, to make the free WordPress software work, you have to own a web server or rent some space on one. That’s called hosting and it’s not usually free. There are plenty of good hosts out there who will let you install WordPress on their web servers for a reasonable fee. You can then do anything you like with your own copy of WordPress: install plugins and themes, etc.

Click on the picture to enlarge – Dashboard

So it is your decision to decide using a self-hosted blog or a Free blog. For me I’ll eventually move my blog to blog platform because it will give you the freedom of doing whatever you want with your own blog. I have already had one that is a self-hosted WordPress blog and let me tell you it is great to have one.

What is the differences between and Please leave a comment below.

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13 responses to “The Differences Between and

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  3. hi there!!.
    i am having a wordpress blog: , but the problem is that i cannot use google adsense and other ads on it. so i want to use . so can u help me with some information as to how to do the migration frm .com to .org . can u plz list some of the affordable web hosts onto which i can host the .org blog. plese reply.
    thanks in advance.

  4. Hello Rahul,
    Did you check these links out:
    Plenty of Good Hosts Out There
    Which Web Hosting Is Good For Your Website/Blog?
    They listed plenty of affordable web hosts. You can pick one that meets your needs. As for the migration, check out the following link:
    How to Migrate my blog to
    Hope the above info helps you. Good luck!! Let me know how things go.

  5. Anhosting is a good hosting co to use – I am presently building my blogs on and Anhosting – $6.95 per month with loads of storage – tell them you are working with DanH –

    Nice post

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  9. HostGator is THE BEST choice for any self-hosted WP blog (with medium amounts of traffic, for heavy traffic use
    I tried using several others, but none could compare to the server speed they have and they provide exceptional customer support always ready to help you with all your problems.
    Hope you find it useful:)

  10. is MUTCH HARDER to use than

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