What is Your Reaction When Someone Stole Your Content?

Yesterday when I searched the topic – Interested In How to Change Your Header Images? I found out that someone stole my partial article (the beginning part). My site showed up on the first page at Google 19 hours’ ago; and the perpetrator’s site showed up below mine at Google 18 hours’ ago. That means I published my article one hour ahead of his/hers.

I could not believe that his/her words showed up exactly the same at Google like mine. I checked his/her site. He/She did not quote my article at all and did not refer to it either. Instead he/she stated “Interested In How to Change Your Header Images? Written by on April 21st, 2008 in WordPress xxxxxxx.” I am not happy about it at all.

I searched the Internet for a guidance. Lorelle’s What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content showed up at Google search. I got some ideas of how to handle this situation. However, the perpetrator’s site did not provide an email address, his/her About page was not set up either, and his/her contact led to a 404 not found page. So I have no choice but to leave a response in his/her site. Here is the statement I wrote there:

Do you know that stealing content is illegal? Did you see Copyright on the bottom of my site? How can you do that? How can you take someone’s hard work and paste here and claim that you wrote it? You should always ask whether you can cite it or refer to it. Maybe the author won’t say “No” to you. I tried to contact you but your contact doesn’t work. I need you to correct this immediately. As long as you don’t claim that you wrote it then I have no problem with it. It is very unprofessional to do such thing. Imaging how you feel if I copy and paste your information on my site and claim that I wrote it. I hope I won’t see the second time any more. You may want to read more from this site: http://lorelle.wordpresss.com/2006/04/10/what-do-you-do-when-someone-steals-your-content/

Today I checked the topic – Interested In How to Change Your Header Images? again. His/Her site moved to the second page; but it is still there. I found out that search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and etc. can do something about it. Read the article Content Thieves you’ll find out what to do. Hopefully people have the same problem like me will learn something from this post.

What is your reaction when someone stole your content? Please leave a comment below.

4 responses to “What is Your Reaction When Someone Stole Your Content?

  1. Wow. That’s an aggressive response. Honestly, the best way, as described in my article, is to 1) be nice at first when leaving a comment. 2) Keep to the facts, not the emotions. 3) Never make the copyright violator’s information public. 4) Revenge is not an option. Nor is public humiliation.

    I really recommend Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today who wrote the brilliant article, The 6 Steps to Stop Content Theft, to help you go through the simple steps to deal with this easily.

    Welcome to the web. It’s sad, but many are working to help put an end to sploggers, scrappers, and content thieves. It starts with education. Thank you for helping to educate others through the process.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Lorelle! I love your site! Your site sets an example for new bloggers like me to follow. As for the copyright issue I was kind of upset; and you’re right. We should not show the violator’s information in public. Although my words might be strong, what I said were the facts. I did not show his/her url in this post; and I did not humiliate him/her in public either. As you know different people deal with things differently. Thanks a lot for your advice! For links you’ve given I am going to look at them when I am available.

  3. Narayanan Aier

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Nice article and I agree with Lorrelle VanFossen.

  4. Hi Narayanan;

    You are welcome that I’ve commented on your blog. Just something that I want to share. Thank you for visiting.

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