OpenID? What Is It?

I own both and blogs. OpenID only appears on my Dashboard (click on Settings/OpenID to see it). The question is what can we do about it? I searched around for an answer. Here is the information I got so far.

Actually OpenID is just a URL (a website address) of your blog. If you registered a Free blog with, the OpenID just came automatically with your blog. It permits you to login to other people’s websites as an ID (if those websites also support OpenID logins). It eliminates multiple usernames and passwords that you normally have to remember for logging in to other sites. With one OpenID, it will no doubt make it easy for you to login to multiple sites.

OpenID is still in the transition of being adopted by the publics but becomes more and more popular nowadays. Big companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, MySpace, AOL, Microsoft, Sun, Novell, and etc already use OpenID as a mean to allow their customers to login to their websites.

What is OpenID? Would you like to consider using it? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

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2 responses to “OpenID? What Is It?

  1. To add OpenID to a full version WordPress blog, you can use one of the OpenID WordPress Plugins such as WP- OpenID WordPress Plugin.

  2. Thanks again for providing more helpful advice here. I’ll try the plug-in you mentioned here when I have free time. Is this plug-in only for blogs? For as long as l know blogs don’t support any plug-ins.

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