Where Did ‘Possible related posts’ Come From?

Today I found out that something I didn’t write but showed up as Possible related posts in one of my posts. I checked my original post I’d written; but did not see anything showing up like those links there. I was wondering where did they come from.

I searched WordPress.com Forum and I found an answer to this mystery: How do I remove something I didn’t write from a post?. Actually WordPress.com provides extra features. See the screenshot below:Possible Related Posts

You can find them by clicking on Design/Extras from your WordPress.com Dashboard. If you leave the second one as default, which is unchecked, then Possible related posts will show up in your post. I don’t mind to use it as long as the links to my posts are relevant. However I don’t like the fact that once you chose to use this feature you can’t control what links to be shown; and not all of the Possible related posts are relevant anyway.

Where did ‘possible related posts’ come from? Would you like to turn it on? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

Note: Now Appearance is used instead of Design.


2 responses to “Where Did ‘Possible related posts’ Come From?

  1. Spiro Paleologoudias

    Thanks for helping me turn off that unwanted “feature”!

  2. You are welcome! The goal of this blog is to provide helpful information for bloggers.

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