Where to Find Ideas for Your Blogs?

As a new blogger, it is not easy to keep up the routine writings. You may get stuck sometimes and may not know what to write about for your blogs; especially for those who write daily. Where can you get ideas to write about? The following sites list profound information of how you may generate ideas to write about for your blogs:

  • Battling Bloggers Block – Darren has written 25 blogging tips which is a great resource for bloggers. Some of the blogging tips I’ve never even thought of. Hope you can get some of the inspirations out for your blog.
  • 10 Web Tools to Help Generate Blog Content Ideas – Rand has provided 10 useful web tools that will inspire you to generate content ideas. Some tools you’ve probably already known are Google group, Technorati, Craigslist, Del.icio.us, and more …
  • new 101 Blog Posting Ideas – Here you will find 101 blog posting ideas that Tad has well-written. These ideas are so practical that you can put in use on your blog right away.

There may be more and more good resources on the Internet. I’ll continue searching and add updates to this post in the future.

Where to find ideas for your blogs? Do you find the above articles helpful? Please leave a comment below.

Update: I added a new resourceful site above to my collection. As you can see it is marked as new.


4 responses to “Where to Find Ideas for Your Blogs?

  1. Thanks for the link to my blog content resources list, but also note that I wrote about What Do I Blog About? for the Blog Herald and it targets a lot of other ways to find content, including from out of your head and from your daily life. There is content all over the place just waiting to get told, if we only pay attention and think “blogging” not just looking. 😀

  2. You’ve really done a great job on your websites. A lot of time when I have an idea, I’ll just search the web for relevant contents. Your site(s) will just show up in Google. Thumbs up for your success!

  3. Nice site. I love the effort you put into your site.

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