Comparison of Google Blogger and Blog

As a new blogger, you probably like to choose a Free blog service to get started. Both Google blogger and provide this kind of Free service you can get. However, you may want to find out the similarities and differences between them before you decide to pick one. Since I own both Google Blogger and blog, I can tell you what the similarities and differences between them:

Google Blogger
Requires minimal HTML knowledge
No need to know anything about HTML
Allows CSS edit Don’t allow CSS edit unless you upgrade it
Allows Google AdSense & new Amazon products
Don’t allow any third-party codes
Allows you to edit HTML code Can’t access any files
Allows you to add your own footer Can’t do anything about the footer
new Now it allows you to create pages Allows you to create pages
new Now it allows you to import and export other blogs Allows you to import and export other blogs
Layout is narrow but can be modified Has more variety wider themes
No trackback service instead it has backlink services Has trackback service
No comment spam protection Offers free anti-spam protection (Akismet)
Can add images & videos Can add images, videos, audio, and media
Labels (can be Categories/Tags) is available Tags and Categories are available
Can add your own widgets Some themes came with certain widgets. Allows you to add text widgets
Hard to redirect to your paid-hosting server Can easy redirect to your paid- hosting server
Allows you to schedule future-dated posts Allows you to schedule future-dated posts
Has OpenID Service Has OpenID Service
new Now it has undo/redo function in its editor Has undo/redo function in its editor
No table function in its editor No table function in its editor
Comment editor is in-line Comment editor is in-line
Allows you to moderate comments Allows you to moderate comments
Offers feed service Offers feed service
No Blog Stats, no Blog Surfer, and no Tag Surfer services Offers Blog Stats, Blog Surfer, and Tag Surfer services
new Now it allows your readers to sign up Allows your readers to sign up

These are all I can recall so far. Make a wise decision before you choose one. For me I prefer Google Blogger since it allows me to hack the codes the way I like. I also like my self-hosted WordPress blog too for it also allows me to study those PHP files there.

However, if you are thinking to temporarily use a Free blog service and eventually transition it to a paid-hosting service. Then I suggest you to get blog since it will make your life easier when one day you are ready to pay for your own hosting. blog doesn’t give those limitations listed above from See The Difference Between and here. gives all the freedoms you need; no limitations such as posting third-party codes. Moreover you can have full access to all the files.

Would you like to use Google Blogger or blog? Please leave a comment below.

Update: I’ll add updates to this post whenever I recall some features about Google Blogger vs. More updates have been added. See the items marked new.

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26 responses to “Comparison of Google Blogger and Blog

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  2. Very useful post. Thanks.

    I am trying out I currently am on Blogger. From what I gather, I can update my template from the very many available third party templates. However if I use, then I can install any new third party template that are available on various sites. This I am guessing is easier if I host my own site using wordpress (.org).

    BTW, Blogger now does allow trackback links., and you can moderate (approve) comments. What is lacks is this in-line comment editor. In Blogger, comments open in a new window (or same window but new content with only comments and not the original post).

  3. Hi Manishmo,

    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes. With a full version of WordPress, you can do whatever you want. See mine here: Exploring The Internet.

    Yes. Blogger provides back link service. It is really not  the trackback service I am talking about here. See a trackback above your comment. That is the one I am talking about. It not only tracks the link but also some excerpts as well. For more information, read Get a Trackback Service for Your Blog.

    And thank you for pointing out the lack of in-line comment editor in Blogger. I just added an update to the chart.

  4. Update:

    Just found out Google Blogger offers in-line comment editor now. See this article for more details. It shows you how to implement it:

    Embedded Comment Form for Your Blogger

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  6. I have added few additional comparison features in my blog post. Thanks again for this great comparison table.

  7. Хорошо получилось.

  8. WordPress rules. 😀

  9. Hi!

    Useful post! Thanks 🙂

    Just want to notify that Blogger allows you tag, besides categories. However, they don’t call it tags, but ‘labels’ instead.

    So, please correct that 🙂

    Thanks and warm regards,


  10. Hi I am just wondering the features you wrote for blogger is that it has categories?I can’t seem to get that to work? I only manage to tag(label them)

    • Thanks Judy for leaving your comment here.
      This is very interesting topic. Many people are confused on how Categories and Tags are being used. New Blogger introduced Labels which is another name for Categories. Tags can be Categories but Categories cannot be Tags. So depending on how you use your Labels, they can be either Catteries or Tags.
      Read more here:
      What Is The Difference Between Tags And Categories?

  11. Very helpful, thanks for sharing it 🙂

  12. Very good post… but you are using wordpress now….

    • Well I like to experience both of them so when it comes to compare them I have ideas of what to say. Actually I am still using both of them.

  13. Excellent weblog, thanks for writing this post

  14. Outstanding document my good friend. Th is is exactly what I have been looking for for pretty a time now?-

  15. Fantastic post. I’d like to echo the above sentiments. Th is is an excellent report and a must-read.

  16. Good to know 🙂 and hey….i wanne say thanks for the usefull knowledge.I just love it!

  17. i like it Comparison of Google Blogger and Blog « My Internet Stuff since im your rss reader

  18. i would like to know what is the different between google site and google blogger?

    • As far as I know Google Sites is a different tool than Google Blogger. It doesn’t have functionality such as a blog interface or rss feed. Therefore you can’t treat it as a blog. On the other hand, Google Blogger is a blog platform that Google acquired from Blogger in 2003.

  19. Howdy there, just became aware of this blog through Google, and I find that it is really informative. I’m going to watch out for new posts. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. Lots of people will get help from your posts. Cya!

  20. Hi,
    The defined comparison about Google blog and word-press blog is outstanding explanation. Now Google have added some new features which are great. But Word-press have great features also. Mostly we uses Google Blogs. Now we planning to jump to word-press blog.

    Thanks for this great articles.


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