How Often Should a Blogger Write?

As a blogger, how often should he/she write? This topic has already been discussed all over the Internet from other bloggers. I almost wanted to drop it. However, I was inspired by Darren Rowse’s How Often Should a Blogger Post? and Lorelle VanFossen’s How Often Should You Publish Your Blog Posts to go on and gave my thoughts about it.

Now to answer that question: I think there should not be a guideline for this. It should all depend on a blogger’s perspective. If you have something meaningful to say, then you should write it down. Otherwise just relax because no one forces you to write. Don’t just produce boring information because you are scheduled to do so. It’ll only waste your energy and time.

As a reader, I only like to read the topics that interest me. Well, I think it is the case for everybody else too. An article has to be short, direct to the points otherwise I’ll lose my patience to it.

As a blogger, I think we should always keep our readers in mind while writing an article. Ask yourself: What kind of information I want to convey to my readers: is it to persuade them? Is it to inform them? Or is it to educate them? Put that in mind, you’ll have a clear purpose to write. Develop a tone for your readers too while you are writing: funny, serious, or etc. Ask these questions when you produce a post:

  • Will my readers be interested in what I write?
  • What would be a good length for my readers to read?
  • How often should I post for them?
  • Do I deliver the messages to them?

To me quality weighs a lot more than quantity. I also believe the saying: Content is king!

How often should a blogger write? Please leave a comment below.


2 responses to “How Often Should a Blogger Write?

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  2. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll try my best to offer the useful contents. Thank you for visiting.

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