What WordPress Plugins do Most Bloggers Like to Use?

I searched around the Internet and found some very useful plugins most WordPress bloggers like to use. These plugins are for full version WordPress (WordPress.org) blogs. That means if you have WordPress.com blog, then you can’t use them. As you know plugins extend WordPress to do almost everything for your blog/website. Check out the following articles to see what plugins other bloggers have suggested:

  • The Top Ten WordPress Plugins – The author has picked the top ten WordPress plugins out of hundreds. Those WordPress plugins will make your blogging life easier.
  • 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins – One of the biggest advantages to use WordPress software is that it provides bloggers countless of plugins that you can use to extend your blog software.
  • Top 10 WordPress Plugins – The wonderful thing about WordPress plugins is that it allows you to add so much functionalities to your blog/website. Leap to the site to see what WordPress plugins the author has rounded up for you.

After I’ve read the above articles, I am amazed WordPress plugins can do so much for our blog/website. Maybe you have already had installed some of them. So what are your favorite plugins you are using now? or what plugins do you want to recommend to your readers? Please leave a comment below.

6 responses to “What WordPress Plugins do Most Bloggers Like to Use?

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  2. Interesting list. By the way, my list was created over a year ago, not a couple months ago. ๐Ÿ˜€ I love WordPress Plugins. They are so powerful and do so many things – things I didn’t think blogs could do!

  3. Ah, I noticed you are still doing an odd thing with your post categories. Is that working for you? It’s really strange.

  4. Hello Lorelle,

    Thanks for your comments and pointing out “my list was created over a year ago, not a couple months ago.” I’ll fix it later.

    I am so honored to have you commented in my blog. You wrote “…you are still doing odd thing with your categories…” What do you mean? I am pretty new to bloggings. Am I doing something wrong? Please be more specific.

  5. As I’ve mentioned to you before, categories are collections of related blog post information. Going down your list, I’d think that WordPress, YouTub, SEO, and Social Networking would be your post categories. What I see are post titles. When I click on https://myinternetstuff.wordpress.com/category/add-a-statcounter-to-wordpresscom-blog/ you see the word “category” in the permalink. This implies to the user, as well as the fact that it is listed under categories, that it is a category and that link would display a collection of posts showing me all kinds of information from different posts on the subject of adding a statcounter to WordPress.com.

    Recent Posts shows the most recent posts you’ve written. Most Popular Posts would show your most popular. But categories group together like-content so people looking for more information on WordPress would click the WordPress category to find all the things you’ve written and put in your WordPress category.

    To edit your categories and fix them, first create the categories you wish to be the focus on this blog. Go to Manage > Categories and edit and delete the categories so they are search terms and keywords representing the collection of posts within them.

    Then go to every post you’ve published and put them in the right category. Just like you would papers in a filing cabinet. WordPress stuff under WordPress. YouTube stuff under YouTube, or whatever your categories are. Just make them SEO friendly by using words people use to search for that subject.

    I hope this helps and clears things up for you. It isn’t hard, it’s just not the way to do things. You’re doing great stuff, it just helps to file it in the right places. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Thanks millions! Lorelle, you are the best!

    You really clear things up for me. I think I get the idea of what to do. I’ll follow your advice and make some arrangements later. See you around then and thanks again! ๐Ÿ˜€

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