Generate Your HTML Sitemap Using Free Sitemap Generators Online

Free sitemap generators are all over the place on the Internet. You can utilize them to generate a HTML sitemap for your blog/website just like the one I have on my navigation bar of this blog. Pay attention here that I am not talking about a XML sitemap which is mostly used to submit to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines.

If you want to know the difference between HTML sitemap and XML sitemap, then check this article out here: What is The Difference Between HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap? It is a good practice to have a HTML sitemap for your blog/website because you don’t want your visitors to get lost while they are visiting your website. So it is very important to have one. I searched the Internet and gathered some useful Free sitemap generators below. So make sure you check all of them out; and they are Free for use online.

  • – This tool allows you to create both XML sitemap as well as HTML sitemap. Besides it generates Text sitemap and ROR sitemap at the same time. Free for maximum 500 pages indexing.
  • Google Sitemap Generator – This online tool generates XML sitemap and HTML sitemap as well. It includes a very handy wildcard exclusion feature too; able to check errors. Free unlimited use. Some people find it very, very useful.
  • Google Sitemap Generator and Editor – This Free online tool allows you to generate and edit Google Sitemaps, HTML and Text sitemaps. I use it quite often. It builds in an ability to check your broken links too.
  • HTML Sitemap Generator – This online tool is very easy to use. Just type in your url; enter the information I want to exclude in the ignore areas. It will create a simple HTML sitemap for you.

If you know any sitemap generators that can generate both XML and HTML sitemaps online, please let me know.

Would you like to generate your HTML sitemap using the above free sitemap generators online? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

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43 responses to “Generate Your HTML Sitemap Using Free Sitemap Generators Online

  1. Good information. Being new on writing personal website, I am sure I will need resources like this to enhance my traffic.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Asosa;

    Thanks for your visit.

    You can use these online tools to generate a sitemap just as the one I’ve placed on the menu bar. It helps search engines to index your blog/site more thoroughly.

  3. It’s a great list. Could you tell me which one is better xml or html?

  4. Hi Tamal;
    It is good practice to place both xml and html in your blog/website. If you’ve read What is The Difference Between HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap?, you’ll know that xml sitemap is created for search engines to crawl your blog/website efficiently while html sitemap is created mainly for your visitors to navigate your blog/website easily. Hope this clears things up for you.

  5. I was looking for it. Thanks. I am going to use it on my yoga meditation blog

  6. Hi Yoga;
    Thanks for visiting. Hope you find these html online tools useful. I use them often.

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  8. This above tools are great , I used one for my website and wow it has saved me a lot of time.

  9. @Rohan Vij
    Thanks for visiting.
    Good to hear that one of the tools helps you save your time.

  10. Meenakshi Matai

    Thanks! your blog is filled with wonderful information. Thanks for sharing it!

  11. I have tried html sitemap generator.its a great tool but one issue i notice is with the ignore need to specify the full url..its good if we can ignore the urls containing a string

  12. Hi, i found a site that generates both html and xml sitemaps, thought i’d let you know about it. 😀

    btw, thanks for the tips on the html sitemap, trying to know more on page ranks for my site (its new) but am totally clueless

  13. Very helpful article! Thank you!

  14. I loved this tool. It helped me generate sitemap for my website in no time.


  15. I attempted to use the HTML site map generator on my site Worker Safety Products, but it died. My site has 28,00 pages. It my site too large for this online tool?

  16. Thanks! your blog is filled with wonderful information. Thanks for sharing it!

  17. Thanks for such a useful information

  18. The HTML Sitemap Generator – – creates the HTML site map using tables, which are not ideal code wise.

    I was looking for a simple, no tables solution, that doesn’t include the page title in the link. Seems we should look into making one that functions properly.

    We use Joomla for our website and other CMS solutions, Site Smart Marketing – Web Design Solutions but we frequently have customers with older websites that still think search engines can’t pick up those small websites on their own. Search engine technology has come a long way, so I don’t see they have any issue indexing a small website that is linked together properly. Either way, I’m off to make that site map now. Good post.

  19. Thank you for helping me a html sitemap to my website.

  20. Hi,

    I have a web portal that content more 2000 web pages. I want to generate html sitemap. Please let me know the tool that generate vast list of web pages of my web portal.


  21. Does the sitemap generator charges depend on the number of Pages OR it depends on the number of links
    if we have 2 links generated but directing to the same page on our site … in that case how do these charged services work

    thanks for sharing the above content …its very useful


    • According to these sitemap generators it depends on the number of pages. They will not charge anything if you have 500 pages or less. You can go to learn more from these sitemap generators…

  22. Good tool Thank u posting such a good and useful target

  23. Hi all this very useful site for every seo learners thank you

  24. My site is a e-commerce site and i have more than 50,000 pages or products in my site. I want to submit .xml sitemap to google. How can i generate it.

    I tried in using xml sitemap generator but it generates only 500 pages.

    What i have to do for getting my full site to be generated.

  25. Just found out that our webmaster had removed the html sitemap and replaced it with the xml. Why don’t these people have a clue?

  26. indeed a very helpful article regarding websites sitemaps!

  27. First i was really confused about why we need a sitemap, when all the links are already at the pages of website. Finally a great story. Thank you Author.

  28. yes. these are the good tools and am going to try it on my website :
    Thanks for the advise.

  29. Hi Lanna,

    Thanks for giving this information. I would like to ask you after I generate my html sitemap where I am going to put it? I have my own website and it is wordpress. Your help is really appreciated. Thanks again.

  30. Thank you for your contribution. Its really easy to make sitemap for all.

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