How to Implement Google’s Translation on Blog?

While checking the summary statistics in StatCounter about my website, I discovered that many of my visitors are from foreign countries other than United States. I also have seen many blogs/websites embedded Google translation service with icons of their corresponding country flags. So I think it is very important that you can provide this kind of service for your visitors.

Although the translation service provided from Google is not perfect, hopefully Google will improve it further in the future. If you are interested and want to implement the codes on your blog just like mine here. Follow these steps:

  • Download the widget codes here. It provides 22 languages with its corresponding flags.
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard; click on Appearance/Widgets.
  • Hold and drag Text widget to the sidebar.
  • Put the above codes inside the text area; give a title if you wish.
  • Click on the button Save to save it.
  • Move this Text widget wherever you like it to be.

If you use Google Blogger as blog platform, check out these articles:
Translate Your Blog/Website in Different Languages – Part 1
Translate Your Blog/Website in Different Languages – Part 2

Would you like to implement Google’s translation on your blog? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

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15 responses to “How to Implement Google’s Translation on Blog?

  1. But the page you provided for translation codes, gives a 404 error. Please fix the problem. Otherwise this post is useless.

  2. Hi Aminul Islam Sajib;

    Thanks for pointing out the problem.

    Originally I provided an embedded form but doesn’t accept a form, so I created a page and made it private. I did not realize that visitors can not open it except myself. I’ll fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your visit.

  3. Must say, – you applied “common sense” which is very “rare” 🙂

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  5. google translate is not accurate, not reliable, as I have checked it already
    Do you know, have you checked any other apps?
    Interested to translate from greek into english, french, german

  6. I tried to add it in my it went unresponding!
    I donno why?

    Amatullah @

  7. Yes I did change it to my url..and also in the last parah of ur codes, i changed ur url to mine (something which u didnt highlight) may be thats wrong?


    Here the last url of urs next to ‘Swedish Flag’ is nt shld i not change it?

    • Okay, the last part of the code is < a target=”_blank” href=”” title=”My Internet Stuff”>(About)</a>. It is just for people to leave me credit for my code. You can leave it alone or just delete it if you prefer.

  8. how if I wanna translate from my country (Indonesia) to another country? Must I change the word “english to…” become “Indonesia to…”? How? Please help me 🙂

    • No. The word “English to…” or “Indonesia to…” don’t matter. The part inside href matters. You can search Google for guidance of how to translate Indonesia to other countries. Good luck.

  9. Where do you put the header-code in

    With no problem, but *.com?

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