How to Ping Your Blog?

Why do you need ping services? There are many answers for that question. First, it may be that you want everybody to know about your newly posted article(s). Second, by using ping services your blog/website might be indexing right away from search engines. Thus it may be in term increasing your web traffic. If you use self-hosted WordPress blog, then you may follow the steps below to implement ping services.

  • Login to your self-hosted WordPress dashboard and click on Settings/Writing.
  • After that WordPress will automatically ping your blog whenever you publish your new post.

For the bloggers, your blog has already built in with ping service Ping-O-Matic as your default ping service. If you want to manually ping your blog using ping services other than those offered in Ping-O-Matic, then you may find useful. It allows you to selectively choose your choices of ping services to submit.

The above list of ping services is working as of this post is being written. However, if you find any of them is no longer working, please inform me. I’ll appreciate that.

Would like to ping your blog using the above list? Please leave a comment below.

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8 responses to “How to Ping Your Blog?

  1. Great list of sites to ping, I have also found a new tool that allows my site to be automatically pinged to these at

  2. Are you sure? @ my blog seems that ping services doesn’t work. What can I do?

  3. Thanks for the awsome list of sites for Pinging my Blog, I have been Using Pingler but I need to expand to other services and I think you list should give me a great start. Thanks Againg and Follow Me On Twitter @michael_37

    And Read – Creating More Than Just a Tweet
    – RSS @

  4. Hello, I’m new to all of this. What do you mean by pinging? And would it be beneficial to a product web site?


    • If you use WordPress software, you’ll know what I mean. Pinging is a web service that will invite search engine bots to visit and crawl your web site or blog whenever you post a new article. Thus it will get your web site or blog indexed right away.

      Think about this, how do people find your web site or blog? They have to type in keywords or keyword phrases in the search engine box, right? Then those web sites or blogs that have that search term(s) are listing below, right? If your web site or blog are not indexed by those search engine bots, then people will never find your web site or blog. Thus pinging will help people find your web site or blog. Does this make any sense to you?

  5. Thanks this is good information.


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