Enlarge a Picture Without Losing its Quality?

Do you want to enlarge a picture without losing its quality? I’ve been searching the Internet and trying to find the free tools that will help me to accomplish that. I came across a couple of them that are very handy if I want to enlarge a picture without losing its quality.

The first one is SmillaEnlarger – an open source application. You can download it from its website. It is actually a zip file. You can unzip it to your computer. It allows you to crop and enlarge a picture without losing its quality. It is the best tool I’ve found so far.

The second one is ReShade – free online image resizer and image enlargement application. You can even download it to your computer here, but the evaluation version is very limited. It leaves watermark on your saved images.

The third one is Photozoom Pro 3 –  a software for enlarging digital images. The free version can be downloaded here. This software also leaves watermark on your saved images.

If you know other free tools that are related to this topic, please share them below. Also your comments are welcome here.

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39 responses to “Enlarge a Picture Without Losing its Quality?

  1. cool stuff, i’ll try what you suggest, thanks for your information

  2. thank you very much … helpfull

  3. SmillaEnlarger is a very good software. It’s very simple to re size the image easily and quickly.

  4. ill try the SmillaEnlarger thanks.


  6. Wow, thank you for that first recommendation. I’m blown away.

  7. @Aushka,
    @Michelle, and
    @Floral Skirts,

    You are welcome. Glad to hear you like it. I use it a lot too. See you around.

  8. Wow thanks for the information! I was trying to find a software like that for so long! I’ll try all of them!

  9. I tried it but cant get it to work its still burry

  10. Hi,
    SmillaEnlarger is really a very good one, thanks a lot.

  11. thnxx alot for the help…!!!!

  12. SmillaEnlarger is awesome!! but when i use it on drawings and typically small pictures its kinda blur..
    But still THANKS FOR YOUR BLOG!!
    this was great help!! 😀

  13. Thank You! I can hardly wait to use this. I have been looking online for a while for something like this! I am so excited and thankful! Again, Thank You!

  14. Thank god for that software brilliant

  15. Thank you Lanna, SmillaEnlarger was the perfect tool i was looking for.

  16. thanks for the sharing 🙂 helpful

  17. Thanks! the info was useful for me.

  18. hasmig lily ayvazian

    i am glad that i found a software that helps me to enlarge my pictures without losing it’s resolution. I tried a lot but didn’t get what i wanted. so thanks a lot

  19. I agree with other user: SmillaE works perfectly, it resized my pictures in the best way possible for free. Thank you very much.

  20. Thank you so much for this 🙂 Appreciate it a lot! Move love from the technologically challenged 🙂

  21. -_- It Wont Install On My Laptop… Im About To Blow Up Myself Because I Need To Make A Flyer For An Infant Home in Need & I Cant Find Free Baby Borders For Word Gahhhhh

  22. thanks man i will try it

  23. This was really helpful to enlarge some very old B+W photos from my past.
    Thank you so much for helping me preserve these memories.

  24. Thank you very much…..!

  25. Good Job. It really helped.

  26. I tried to download smillaenlarger and I am doing something wrong because after the download there is a file, but no program to run?

  27. I found my high school yearbook online, and found the page where my small photo appears. I copied the page using my print screen key, When I tried to enlarge the photo, it became blurry and distorted. Is there another way to capture the image and enlarge it without losing quality? Thanks for your help.

  28. There is also Stoik Smart Resizer and perfect Resize 8.

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