A Dofollow Blog List for You?

A while ago I’ve written an article, Checking Whether A Blog is Dofollow or Nofollow? Today I am going to list some dofollow blogs here. Dofollow blogs encourage visitors to get involved with them. On the other hand, If you leave comments with a backlink to your blog on dofollow blogs, it will absolutely increase the number of links to your blog. As a result, it will greatly improve your rankings and traffic.

If you are looking for dofollow blogs to comment on, Do Follow Blog List is a site that will get you started. It allows you to find blogs that are related to your niche to comment on. However, make sure you don’t spam on them. Otherwise, your comments may be deleted.

This post is an ongoing post, meaning I will continue adding more dofollow blogs to this list. If you have a dofollow blog, you can submit it through my Contact, I will add it to the list here. Make sure you provide your dofollow blog’s title, url, and a brief description.

Would you like to comment on these dofollow blogs? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below.

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47 responses to “A Dofollow Blog List for You?

  1. Wheres the nofollow list? That would rock to have it in one spot.

  2. I’m not sure why anyone would want to make comments nofollow. Blocking follows only helps with certain types of SEO – and many sites that go down that route are slightly flaky anyway.

    • Hi Bill, nice to see you around.
      I think it is not the users’ fault because many blogs are using WordPress platform and it was built that way to stop spams. Besides many people are afraid to touch its files.

  3. thank you for this information it is much appreciated and helpful for us at men for hire

  4. This has been very useful and aided me into getting a good load of backlinks!

  5. thanks a lot for sharing this excellent post! I always love to read your blog post 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing. I want to use that dofollow blog for building my web.

  7. Peace Lanna….

    Thank you for taking the time to make this post, I am on my way to read your article, I will come back here if I have questions. It’s wonderful to see people sharing information and helping each other succeed. I am new to IM, and very confused, every site seems to tell me something different… maybe donotfollow blogs and follow blogs is something that will help me meander around the net and find the really helpful free advice.

    Thank you again,
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  8. Okay! Thanks for the excellent post on dofollow and nofollow, I will be certain to tell all my friends about your most informative blog!

  9. Very good ! Congratulations !

  10. Thanks for the info! My blog is also Dofollow.

    There are many DoFollow lists around but many are out of date. Here’s one that’s OK: http://www.dofollow.co.nr/

  11. it’s very good! great!

  12. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing Lanna!
    I’m still reading your other useful articles.
    All the best,

  13. Thanks, i search a list of dofollow blog and here i get some relief.

  14. There is no doubt followlist is great website, it is collection of do follow blogs as well as fastest approval blogs. Thanks to share it.

  15. I made my blog a do follow a while ago and noticed no increase in spam.

  16. Hi,
    Thanks very much for providing information that many of us working in SEO and link building are always searching for – do follow blogs. Google is always looking for relevant content on quality sites and many blogs fit that nicely.
    But I have a question…don’t all wordpress.com sites come from the same ip address and so might not seem as diverse a link as one from wordpress.org?

    • Good question. All WordPress.com sites are also nofollow sites. But Google is very friendly with WordPress.com sites so as long as you constantly keep blogging they can rank high.

  17. Do-follow list great collection for good links that will definitely work to growth of the websites rank. Thanks to share excellent links and information with us.

  18. Hi Lanna

    Great article… You absolutely right when it comes to providing quality content to blogs, or website that are in your niche.

    I’ve just checked out the new WordPress theme – fusion that you posted have you used it yet.

    Looking forward to more great content Lanna.



    • Thanks for your visit, Paul.
      I like my theme Coraline so I don’t have a chance to use Fusion. Maybe in the future I will use it for another blog.

  19. Thanks Lanna its great to see so many bloggers supporting each other.

  20. Find dofollow blog is difficult, but since you have the kindness to share this list will be really helpful .. but good that encourages people to make good use of them.
    really thank you very much.

  21. Thanks for the dofollow list. You can also easily find dofollow blogs using the seobook toolbar too. It helps a lot 🙂 The whole toolbar is excellent actually.

    I’m don’t always use dofollow blogs to comment on as you can get good traffic commenting on nofollow blogs, of course it depends on your comment but i do use a mix of dofollow and nofollow blogs.

    • Thanks for visiting. I agree with you for what you said. Actually some of my nofollow comment links do show up at Google Webmaster Tools Account. That tells something. Isn’t it?

  22. Great post…Thanks for sharing and thank you for your Do Follow Blog List.

    http://www.performseo.blogspot.com <– this site help you increase your traffic on your website.

  23. It is really great sharing your knowledge regarding this matter with all of us. Definitely it will help us all.

  24. This is great list of dofollow blog list. Thanks for sharing. I will get huge traffic now for my domain

  25. I want to thank you for sharing information.

  26. Thanks for sharing your dofollow blog list with the rest of the world. I know it is hard work to find those blogs which allow comments and dofollow links.

  27. I don’t think dofollow and nofollow still matters… now it is social media and other things…
    Best regards!

  28. your information is very excellent . really I appreciate such kind of topics. It will be very helpful for us.

    Thanks Great list for commentary enabled do-follow blogs, I am searching for such kind of blogs.

  29. thanks!its very useful for me to get a bunch of quality backlinks!

  30. You talk about dofollow blogs yet your own blog is not a “dofollow”

    • This blog is a free blog and hosted by WordPress.com. I have no access to its code so I can’t change whatever it is set up. Thanks for your comment.

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