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Email Marketing With Free Or Paid Autoresponder?

Updated as of 10/17/2012.

If you are an online marketer, you’ll face this issue soon or later. This is the issue that many have had encountered – that includes me. I bought a program lately and tried to do email marketing. But I am standing on a fork of roads… struggling on either going for paid email autoresponders or free email autoreponders. For some people there is no problem because money is not an issue for them. But for most of us it is a big deal.

I’ve done some research through Internet, these are paid email autoresponders and free email autoresponders that I found below:

AWeber – A paid email autoresponder. However, many people seems to be happy using it. See what I mean from this forum. Its features include Send Email Newsletters, Website Sign up Forms, Collect and Manage Subscribers, Autoresponder Follow Up, HTML Email Templates, Performance Tracking, Expert Customer Support, and more…

$1 trial the first month, then $19/m $29/m $49/m $69/m $149/m Contact them
Up to 500 subscribers Up to 501 – 2,500 subscribers Up to 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers up to 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers Up to 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers 25,000+ subscribers

GetResponse – Also a paid email autoresponder. This seems to be the second choice most people like to use. Its features are similar as AWeber but its price is reasonably cheaper. Moreover, it offers Online Surveys that AWeber doesn’t have. But some people did not like the fact that GetResponse doesn’t have an opt-in confirmation. Here is its price list:

Sign up 30-day Free trial $15.00/m
$12.30 with annual discount
$20.50 with annual discount
$36.90 with annual discount
$65.00/m $53.30 with annual discount $145.00/m $118.90 with annual discount
Up to 1,000 subscribers Up to 2,500 subscribers Up to 5,000 subscribers Up to 10,000 subscribers Up to 25,000 subscribers
$250.00/m $205.00 with annual discount $450.00/m
$369.00 with annual discount
Up to 50,000 subscribers Up to 100,000 subscribers

For people who just got started, they don’t need to have fancy features as the above ones, they might have to look for alternatives. Hence the following list might be useful. Please bear in mind that free autoresponders have limitations.

  • Free Autobot – It automatically sends e-mails to everyone who requests further information from your e-mail marketing campaign, web site or blog …
  • Free Followup – Email Responders with No Ads! No scripts or software to download.
  • List Wire – FREE autoresponder and internet marketing service that meets all your email marketing and newsletter needs.
  • Mail Chimp – Free email marketing service that allows you to design, send, and track HTML email campaigns with their simple tools. It also offers paid service.

Would you like to choose a free or paid autoresponder for your email marketing? Please leave a comment below.

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